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I am currently applying to SDSU, and I'm unsure of whether I can apply for Fall 2012, or I have to indicate Spring 2013 because I may have classes planned at my community college for Spring 2012 (next semester). I know that if... Read More

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    Yes, when I apply I will have 75 points. I am currently at southwestern college. I am applying to state oct.

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    Alright... this year they took transfers in the spring cohort, but the previous year they didn't. Please call the school of nursing to see if they are allowing transfers to be in the spring 2014 cohort. If they are, then finish your pre-reqs with good grades and I would say that you are good to go! Good luck with everything... feel free to ask anymore questions about anything.
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    Thank you for your help.
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    when I talked to SDSU earlier in May they said they will be taking Spring applicants but you have to be enrolled in at least one class at SDSU for the fall 2013 or you will be dropped before spring.
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    Well SDSU just released the revised application process for 2013-2014 and they are only accepting current SDSU students into spring. All transfers can only apply to Fall 2013 and need to have prerequisites done by 31 Jan.
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    Hi all,
    My name is Ashley and I am currently attending Mount st. Mary's college in Los Angeles and unfortunately my path for being a nurse here did not quite go as I planned. Therefore, I am looking elsewhere to pursue my career.
    Here at my school, I have completed
    General Microbiology and Lab
    Human Anatomy and Lab
    Physiology and Lab
    Critical Thinking
    Introduction to Psychology
    Introduction to Sociology
    Introduction to Communication (Speech)

    And am in the process of an Elemen Stats class.

    My question is would this stats class be comparable? Does my chemistry class have to be two semesters worth? 1 year? is there anything else I would need to have done?

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