San Diego City College ADN 2014

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    Hi everyone,

    Anyone on here apply to City College Nursing program winter 2013 with a start date of fall 2014?? I applied in November and I heard they are sending out acceptance letters in February. The waiting game is killing me!!
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    Hi there!
    I'm waiting for a letter too! Yes, the suspense is killing me. I applied for the LVN-RN step up. Good Luck!! I hope it all works out for you!!
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    Yes, good luck to us both!! Thank you Have you applied anywhere else?
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    Geesh, I feel like I've applied everywhere but I've only applied to Grossmont, Mira Costa, and City. No luck yet but I'm hoping that the 3rd time is truly a charm.
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    I'm applying to grossmont this coming February 18th to get in for Fall 2014... I live down the street from Grossmont so that would be ideal for me... I also applied to National University. I pray I get into one of those schools! Do you mind sharing your TEAS score?? I studied my butt off for a few months and got %80. I feel like so many people have higher scores! Do you know anything about what the lowest points City or Grossmont took for previous semesters??
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    I'm not too far from Grossmont either. I don't know anything about the range of points from previous semesters. So, you are applying for the ADN? I'm an LVN and have applied to the LVN-RN step-up programs. I got a 70. I probably should've waited to take it. I purchased the book to review but I scheduled the test about a week after my microbiology final. So, not a lot of devoted study time and it showed. However, I figured my Vet status and work experience (10 years as an LVN) would make up for the score I lacked on my TEAS. Grossmont has a policy that if not enough LVNs apply then they will not admit any. So that was the explanation I received this past application period. I've thought about National and West Coast University but I really don't want to take on any debt. I'm waiting to hear from City and if I don't get in there, then I will seriously consider a private institution.
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    I got my acceptance letter today for SD City Nursing and I am soooooo excited!! I applied to National University and Grossmont College but I won't hear from them for 1-3 months, but I am ecstatic I am accepted and starting somewhere this year!

    Good luck to you jay78!!
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    ...but what about NU?
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    NU hasn't sent out notifications yet... I've been checking every hour, but nothing yet. Other students on here haven't heard back fro NU either. Applications just closed for NU mid January
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    Oh. I heard they were going to make it harder.

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