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    I am currently on the waitlist program for San Bernardino Valley College and I was wondering how long it usually takes. I 1st applied for spring 2010 and was #406, then did the reactivation and was #256, i just turned in my 3rd reactivation notice so i should be getting my 3rd letter in a couple mths. Is anyone here on the waitlist as well?

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    Moved to CA Nursing Programs Discussion forum. Hopefully some CA members will offer some helpful information. Good luck!
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    not on wait list.... but 2nd semester student.... my advice finish all your pre reqs for a BSN...... csusb offers a RN-BSN.... so look into those pre reqs while you are waiting ..... p s pre reqs dont help much at all once you start the program.. only class that kind of helped was make sure you understand mircro very well
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    Coriaa1 I got your message, but it wont let me reply cuz I dont have enough posts!! So yes, Im in first semester. My big sister is Leann. Any good tips for me???? To answer the girls question above, your looking at three years at that number. They have dropped class sizes to 35 this year so unless a ton of people go somewhere else or they up the class sizes, I would start applying to other places.
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    yes i know leann we did clinicals together for our first rotation... shes a good person.....but i want to meet u, and that rollerdude too i had that list and i was going to pick one of you guys but i dont know your names .....i seen a couple of guys in your semester.... its unusual to see alot of males... in my class theres like 4 total.....right now im in maternity, its simple but LOTS of work
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    Wow they dropped the class size to 35? What was it before?
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    before used to be 45-50 depending on the partnership w the hospital... not its 25+10 from partnership.....but now its going to change next year from what i heard... people on the waiting list... go and make sure you get your SPOT... i been hearing they are going to do pts now like every other nursing school. so good luck to all!!
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    WOW it seems like it'll take forever for me to get in @coriaa1, yeah I heard they're no longer taking new applications till further notice. Do u know if the pt system will apply if we're already on the waitlist?
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    some one said that its true... but go find out when RCC transitioned to pts EVERYONE on the waitlist they had got in within 2 yrs
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    SBVC has a couple of information meetings every semester. I went to the one on Sep 12. They said they goin to change the waitlist to pts system, but theyr still waitin on approval from the district. Does anyone know the latest news about waitlist?

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