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Hello! :) I am currently on the waitlist program for San Bernardino Valley College and I was wondering how long it usually takes. I 1st applied for spring 2010 and was #406, then did the reactivation and was #256, i just... Read More

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    true they are they stop taking applications... maybe when they re-open thats when it will take place
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    I finally start in the RN program at valley college it took about 2 1/2 years! Any suggestions/advice/pointers/look outs to those who already started in the classes?
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    I know this thread is a year old, but I wanted to let you all know some new information! The SBVC nursing program website is updated with the new criteria for admissions. Even if you are on the waitlist already, you can take the HESI and apply under the new point system and possibly move up! They are taking applications for spring 2013 under the new system starting next month - 75% of the admits will be taken from the waitlist and 25% will be from points based admission!!! That means about 10 students will apply in September and get in for spring 2013! Good luck!!!