Samuel Merritt - Oakland, Fall 2011 ELMSN-FNP

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    Hi all,

    Applications are due just around the corner, and I was just wondering if anyone else has started the application process yet.

    It would be good to hear back from others who are going through the same process!


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    Hi Rosepetals,

    I am also applying for the FNP program. I recently noticed that the deadline on NursingCAS seemed to be 12/31, but the SM website says 1/15. Do you know if it is in fact 1/15? I definitely prefer that date!
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    Hi Oaktown,

    I think the 12/31/10 deadline is for the ABSN program starting in the summer, not the FNP program. The ELMSN programs for both FNP and CM both have a deadline of 1/15/11.

    Have you started entering courses and grades yet? That part is SO torturous!
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    Hi Rosepetals,

    Yes, I have done the coursework part and it was horrible. I have taken A LOT of classes, so it was particularly long. But I had heard people complain about it so I made a point of just getting it done.

    If, by chance, one is not admitted this time around, do you have any idea if you would have to enter that information in all over again? That would be cruel, imo!
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    I am in the process of completing the application online for the SMU fall 2011 ELMSN-FNP program and I can't find the school in the designation area. Is anyone else having the same problem? Can someone help me?
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    Genkianna - I would call NursingCAS tomorrow. I had already selected it, so I do see it on my designations, but definitely don't see it on the list of available ones. Not really sure what that means! Hopefully just a glitch on the NursingCAS side.
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    Hi Oaktown2,

    thank you for your response. I just contacted them and apparently, it is a glitch on their side. I hope they will fix the glitch before the deadline passes.
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    Hi All,

    I'm actually applying for the Case Management track, but with the same deadline of 1/15/11.

    I'm just about done with the application, but due to a few difficulties, I actually am in possession of all my transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc. I'm going to have to call NursingCAS tomorrow, for I've been preparing their forms, but I'm not sure how they're going to react.

    Has anyone been working on references and transcripts? If so, I'd like to hear your experience with the NursingCAS system.
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    Hey everyone!

    I am also applying for the FNP track for fall 2011 as well! This NursingCAS thing is a pain in the butt! I started reading past elmsn forums as well and if I wasn't nervous before, I am now! and i haven't even submitted my application yet! Good luck with your apps everyone!

    @kzimmermann - I think it's best if you call them and check. I know most of the things they want submitted online or sent directly from the institution to them or something like that. I know for transcripts they want an official seal and can't be marked "issued to Student" and stuff. For my references, I just found that it was easier to set it up on the NursingCAS site so that my teacher and boss can just submit it online. The FAQs and instructions are pretty helpful in directing you.
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    @stifffunny - thanks for the reply. I've been able to get the transcripts in process with a bit of follow up (redid the whole thing), but made the mistake of paper references. I think I'll do what you suggested and redo one that's lagging to be electronic. Thanks again! K

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