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Hi all, Applications are due just around the corner, and I was just wondering if anyone else has started the application process yet. It would be good to hear back from others who are going... Read More

  1. by   kzimmermann
    Hey Sahar!

    I haven't even received my financial aid packet yet (I just left my financial advisor a message). I had played phone tag with her a few weeks ago and she said that SMU was just beginning to send the Summer students their packets.

    So I've just been working on getting my immunizations in before the 1st of June. Do you need any help with your Immunizations or your health screen? PM me with anything you need and I can probably help.
  2. by   adusf84
    I have not heard anything about immunizations! Did they already send out a welcome packet? Is the health stuff due before the Ist of June? Confused!
  3. by   Teggs
    The health record is due by June 1st, and ---- told me that the welcome packets will be sent to you once you've completed both the background check as well as submitted the health record. The health record form contains the immunization chart that your doc is supposed to fill out and sign (or you can mail over all your documentation too!). Submit the other pages of the health record first, by June 1st, if you aren't able to get a doc appt in time for the physical and immunization record portion of it. Just let Student Health Services know that your doc appointment is upcoming, and that you'll submit the rest later (before the school year commences). I think that's the way to go if you aren't able to get the physical/immunization part filled out by June 1st. Hope this helps!
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  4. by   kzimmermann
    Hi All,

    I would have written earlier but was out of town. Just a heads up re Immunizations: turns out the immunization forms that were sent to us were out of date. The only major changes are that everyone needs to get 2 (yes, 2) TB tests prior to admission, and they have to be one month apart.

    Make sure to contact Health Services to get an updated form for the immunizations you need. You can also get the updated form at:
  5. by   kzimmermann
    Another note for everyone...

    I've found an apartment close to campus (Adams Point neighborhood), just a little over a mile away.

    It's pretty good sized, so I'll be more than happy to host study groups, since I'm pretty sure I can cram a lot of my living room furniture in there.

    If anyone is still looking for places and needs any POV re neighborhoods and apartments, feel free to PM me!
  6. by   adusf84
    Hey thanks for the info guys, I guess the counselor (since I can't mention names, lol) forgot to email it to me. She emailed it right away and mine had the updated health forms so I'm good to go. Thanks so much for letting us know =)
  7. by   lenaelle
    HEY EVERYONE! Can anyone tell me what to expect during the interview? Thanks