Samuel Merritt ELMSN/FNP Fall 2013 Oakland - page 19

I'm not usually the type to forage through online forums, but what can I say - grad school apps are stressing me out! This should get the ball rolling...... Read More

  1. by   margaritadelsol
    I am really sad to not be going to SMU, I know it would be such a great experience. I could really see myself there. But I got in to my top choice school, CSULA. My partner and I want to move closer to family in LA. I have lived in oakland for 5 years. I will really miss it here.
  2. by   CynCyn26
    I see, well, much congradz to getting into your top choice! It will be great to be near family too! Have fun down there, learn lots, and e joy your experience there! I wish you the best of luck!!!
  3. by   ND1987

    I am a re-applicant and have an interview soon for the ELMSN program. How was the interview for re-applicants? I'm so nervous! I applied last year and was wait listed, so I feel I have a good chance this year

  4. by   lyssa_3
    What was the interview like? How many people were in the group?