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  1. I am in the process of finishing up the
    last of my pre-reqs and I am over come with frustration. Samuel Merritt is my 1st choice school but I can't seem
    to get into the last three classes I need at my local JC. Everything
    is just so impacted. Anyway I was looking on the SMU website and
    under the ABSN program there is a list of accepted challenge exams.
    The list says that SMU takes Excelsior College's Anatomy and Physio
    Exam (BIOL 210) and there Micro exam as well. Neither of which has a
    lab component.

    I am slightly confused as the website list the
    admission requirements as needing labs. I tried calling a councilor
    to ask and the lady on the phone said that they do take the exam but
    she was very short with me and really didn't make me feel confident
    in her response.... Dose anyone have any insight on this?
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  3. by   ALXiong
    First of all, I did not see what pre-req you still needed. If you can be more specific, maybe I can tell you where you can possible take those classes. The JC I went in San Bruno has a lot of sections for Micro and Anatomy. Even though you see the class is full, you can still show up to the first class for what you want to get in. They sometimes take walk-ins which happened all the times when I was taking my pre-req at JC.
  4. by   Prinalcious
    I still need Micro and Anatomy and physiology 2. with budget cuts my local JC is so full. Within two days of registration opening all the sciences are pretty much full. I just received an email from Samuel Merritt admissions rep informing me that they do accept the Excelsior exam for both micro and A&P. I think I am going to go that route I am just concerned that by doing it this way I really limit myself to only SM.
  5. by   ALXiong
    I really don't think it is the route you should take because you will be missing a lot of elements such as Letter grade. Committee prefers to see actual letter grade than Pass or No Pass on your record. I am attending SMU for ELMSN programs and they really stress about letter grades on your record while I was applying. You can try to take your classes from other JC rather than staying at one. I know it may be far in distance but you will get what you need from other as well. If you live at East Bay, there are a lot of colleges and they are close by. If you live at SF or San mateo, san mateo community college district offers a lot of Micro sections days or evenings. However, you are on the A&P series so you may have to stay with colleges offering series because some offer anatomy and physiology as separate courses.
  6. by   Prinalcious
    Belive me I have looked at many many options. I live in the central valley and there are only two jc's within driving distance. EC gives a letter grade on your transcript for their challage exams. I am just concerned about the no lab part more than anything.
  7. by   kmleonard4
    I think it should be fine if they say that the challenge exam is accepted, since they already know that a lab will not be included with the challenge exams. However, I would highly suggest getting a tutor to make sure you learn the material well. Since the ABSN is at such a rapid pace, I would definitely make sure you know the material well or it will probably hurt you in the long run. Good luck!
  8. by   kmleonard4
    Also, from what I hear the EC exams are very similar to the practice material you can buy through the website. Im taking the pathophysiology exam