Samuel Merritt ABSN Grad Job Prospects/Salary?

  1. I've run into more than a few people who have graduated and who DO NOT have jobs. Whether or not this reflects the program, the market, or both, it is not a good thing, especially considering the high cost of entrance ($60k+ without tuition assistance as provided in a lot of SMU's other programs).

    I would like to hear directly from either students who are either in the program and who have seen people go through and get jobs and what they are paid or from recent graduates themselves. $60k to get out and not be employable is a lot of debt to take on.

    On another note, average nursing salary in the Bay Area is ~$90k. Do most new RNs come out make $50 per hour? Or are they all making $60-65k?

    I am trying to figure out if this career change is right for me, but I'm not a 23 year old coming out of undergrad without real world experience.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   jsrn535
    I went through the ABSN program last year and was employed within 6 months of graduation. The main reason for the delay was due to timing in getting into a new grad program as most hospitals only offer them a couple times a year. Most of my class has jobs and I started out at > $80K. We definitely have an advantage of having not only the BSN but also a degree in something else. Having any other kind of medical experience (paid or volunteer) also helps out a lot.
  4. by   XYnurse9999
    Thank you! Anyone else? I've had a very strong academic and employment background as well as extensive medical experience.