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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

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    Lenaelle and JeninCA,

    My understanding is the same as JeninCA's (and no toes stepped on!). The classes that are listed on the website are pre-approved and other pharm courses may or may not meet their guidelines. Lenaelle, I have to apologize. I am sorry, as I misspoke. I took the self-study pharmacology course I was referring to from Rio Salado (a pre-approved course), but again, other courses may meet their guidelines.

    I really appreciate all the congrats from such an equally stellar group! Thank you all. (I applied and was accepted into last year's program. I reapplied and was accepted this year.) I look forward to hearing from everyone as the good news comes in. I am very grateful to be getting to know you all.
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    Just heard my application has been forwarded for faculty review - good to get another confirmation that the process is moving along.
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    Congratulations PaulHagerty! That's very good news!
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    Is anyone else obsessed with checking their email every 5 seconds? I generally don't check my email more than once a day but the last week I can't stop checking in the hopes to get a "You’re accepted" email. I think this is what I am doing to myself....
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    JeninCAI totally agree. I scroll through my emails just to see if I've gotten anything from them
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    RoseyCareer's early acceptance seems out of the ordinary. I don't think we should start checking obsessively until late August - of course I find it difficult to follow my own advice and have been checking obsessively already anyhow. It's nice to have this forum to commiserate.
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    err...late Septemeber
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    @JeninCA- Yes!! I'm totally obsessed with checking my email! It is nerve wracking...Just think 30 more days...of being tortured.
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    Has anyone else heard anything?
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    The last I heard was my packet was forwarded to faculty review and that was mid August. Anxiously waiting to hear something soon.