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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

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    lenaelle, santa barbara city college starts on monday but i think there's one section of pharm that has a couple waitlist spots open. i know its close to the start date but maybe u can call in the morning and see what your options are to register? u can try emailing the professor as well. good luck.
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    ... and it is an online class
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    I hear you're frustrated! Don't throw in the towel just yet! (Btw, if you find a class, maybe call her back ASAP so you're not passed over.) There's a self-study pharm course you can start at any time at Indiana University (I took pharm twice, got A's twice... My first pharm course no longer existed at my local CC after the course became part of the CC's RN program, so I had to retake pharm upon applying to SMU). And, there's a discussion that went on about this on this site, too:

    Good luck, lenaelle! (Yes, my prereqs have been complete for over a year... not sure how much this matters as it depends on each applicant pool, I imagine.)
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    WOW, that's WAY early. CONGRATULATIONS, MyRoseyCareer! It's the start of a very rosey career, indeed.

    Did you turn your app in well before the deadline or give them an indication you needed an early response? Perhaps they go through the apps in the order received - beyond the fact that you clearly were a stellar candidate.
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    Quote from lenaelle
    I am a little upset because I was trying to get into a Pharmacology class and I couldn't get in. I live in the East Bay area in California. I received an email from --------------- asking me where I'm going to take Pharmacology at, and I told her I couldn't get into the Pharm class I wanted. I feel like I wasted an application because they're obviously not going to accept me if I don't have it completed.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or know of any Pharm classes still open?
    Keep an eye out at Santa Barbara City College (online) I think it is waitlisted right now, but you could try and see if you can get in. Also, you can look at New Mexico City College or clackamas college. Try doing an online search, there is a college that offers classes that start throughout the year but I cannot remember the name. Hope you can find a class soon. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the replies!MyRosey, Indiana University wasn't on the list of approved pharmo classes. Did they accept it anyway?
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    Quote from lenaelle
    Thanks for the replies!MyRosey, Indiana University wasn't on the list of approved pharmo classes. Did they accept it anyway?
    From my understanding, the list is just for California schools. You are not required to take the classes from those schools; they just need to cover the same topics. For example, I took my A&P out of state, but they accepted them because the same topics were covered and were equivalent credits.

    Not to step on MyRoseys toes...since she was accepted into the program, they accepted the class.

    If you find a class and you are not sure if it meets the schools requirements, you can call them and ask. From my experience, they have always been really helpful. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks, Jenin! For some reason I assumed only classes on the list were acceptable, but after reading through again, they're just "Pre-approved" courses.
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    @MyRoseyCareer-Congrats!! That is great news!! Was this your first time applying?
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    Congrats MyRoseyCareer !!!
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