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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

  1. by   MyRoseyCareer
    One more thing...

    I know we are going to need to take a CPR/BLS class for the Healthcare Professional. I thought I'd remind you all (in case you didn't have enough on your plate already, I'm sure!). I took mine through the American Red Cross here in Sacramento. Good and very brief! Yeahhhh!
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  2. by   StacyMarie982
    I too applied to the Spring 2013 cohort; I am registered for pharm and patho online which start Tuesday. I had the same issues with trying to figure out what to do! Login to your campus email, then set up a canvas account I'm doing the 6 hour online intro today. Ordered books from amazon as they had the best price. San Mateo is my first choice campus.

  3. by   BeezieGoGiants
    @MyRoseyCareer- Sacramento campus is my first choice. I will complete my B.S. in the next few months, it is in Health Administration with an Emphasis on Management. My current GPA is 3.7. and I have a 4.0 in the science section. The only prerequisite I have to complete is pathophsiology.
  4. by   MyRoseyCareer
    @StacyMarie982- Good luck on your patho and pharm classes. I'm sure you'll ace 'em.

    @bethondricek- Sounds like your on track for completing your degree. Best wishes with that. Will you take pathophys during the program?

    To all of you, I have a Saunder's NCLEX book, the latest edition. I live in the Sacramento area. I am not sure if anyone is ever interested (and I realize we have 16 months [or more] before we sit for boards), but I periodically review several questions at a time in the book. If anyone ever wanted to join me, let me know!
  5. by   24gaDalek
    Hi everyone!
    I am currently in the ABSN program at SMU Sacramento. Just wanted to say good luck to all of you
    You also may want to check if they are accepting the American Red Cross CPR classes. Last year they didn't and I ended up having to to the BLS CPR for American Heart Association (which was the only one they would accept).
    They started making acceptance calls to students the last week in September, and emails the first couple of weeks in October. Be prepared to do ALOT of running around done before orientation getting TB tests done, vaccinations, etc.
    Again, good luck to all of you and hopefully I will see you at orientation in November
  6. by   jly0162

    thanks for the info ! still haven't heard anything from the san mateo campus yet but keeping my fingers crossed!
  7. by   PaulHagerty

    I also applied for admission to the 2013 SMU ABSN program. My first choice campus is Sacramento. I'm also eagerly awaiting the admission news in late September/early October and appreciate hearing your thoughts as we navigate the process.

    Best of luck,

  8. by   MyRoseyCareer
    @Cateisgreat- Thanks for the CPR news and for the info about the program. Cate IS great! I relooked at my card, and I did (yeahhh!) take it through the American Heart Association. If anyone wants information on this particular course/instructor/location, let me know (I took it here in Sacramento in January). I look forward to seeing you in November cateisgreat, and best wishes in your last remaining weeks! I agree with Paul... any thoughts you have on the program would be appreciated!

    @jly0162- Good luck in getting into San Mateo.

    @Paul- It is very nice to meet you Paul! I hope you get into the Sacramento campus.
  9. by   JeninCA
    Hi Everyone,
    I applied for the Sacramento campus as well. My BS degree is in Health Administration (I also have a masters) and live in the Sacramento area. I wish everyone the best of luck in getting in.
  10. by   drdirty510
    Hello All,

    First and foremost best of luck to everyone and I hope we all get in!!! I applied to San Mateo Campus for 2013....all my pre reqs are complete and TEAS as well. I am just nervous and anxious to see when we will find out whether we got in or not, the wait and anticipation are killing me. The only email I received thus far is that my application had been accepted and that all my transcripts and TEAS score were sent in.

  11. by   jly0162
    Hi DrDirty510,When did you hear from them? Did they provide a timeline for notifications? Can you pass on the contact person & his/her info if possible? Sorry for all the questions but I still haven't heard from them and I'm getting worried.
  12. by   drdirty510

    I got the email last week. All it is, is a email saying that all my transcripts have been received and so had my TEAS score. It didnt say anything else about deadlines or when they are going to tell who got in or not.

    Once again Good Luck to All and I hope all of us get accepted!!!!

  13. by   nokuwah
    Hey everyone, I noticed on their website it says they're still accepting applications for Fall 2012. Does anyone know if that means they are still accepting apps for Spring 2013 as well?