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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

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    Thanks StacyMarie982!

    I called shortly after I posted my message and spoke to someone in admissions. They looked up my name in the system, but said there was nothing there to report. A message was sent to a higher power and I received an email right away. She said she needed to talk to the main admissions counselor and I'd get some sort of response on Tuesday. This is getting insane. My poor nerves and stomach might not make another five days. I thought I had a pretty strong application, but I guess you just never know.

    It sounds like you've been through the ringer - I'm very glad it all worked out for you!!!
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    If anyone is waitlisted, I will be declining my acceptance to San Mateo's ABSN. Good luck and congrats to everyone!
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    we should start a facebook group for our San Mateo Cohort
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    There is a FB Page that has been started. I'm not sure how to invite people or how to show you it.

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    The first link worked I requested to join the group, so hopefully someone lets me in! So so excited to meet all of you!! Hopefully orientation is sooner rather than later!!! YAY!
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    I was just accepted!!! I'm in shock!! Above all, though, I can't wait to take this journey with you all. What a year it's going to be!!
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    Quote from octoberlaurie
    I was just accepted!!! I'm in shock!! Above all, though, I can't wait to take this journey with you all. What a year it's going to be!!
    Congrats Laurie!!!! I can't wait to meet you all!!!
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    does anyone know when orientation will be?
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    couldn't find the FB group link in time before it was taken down. can anyone PM the link to me?

    @rosiebee15: i was looking at sacramento's academic calendar for spring 2013 and their orientation is mid nov. sucks that they haven't released any additional information to us yet!
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    I wanted to find out when orientation wil be as well since I have to take off work and will be coming from LA. I've emailed to find out if they have a date and will post when I get the info...
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    Just received the call...I AM IN!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO HOOOOO
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    HOORAY!!! Congratulations to you!
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    I got into San Mateo! I will see you all there! Very exciting news!!