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Starting a new thread for the Spring 2011 SMU applicants for the Sacramento Campus and all others as well. Post your stats, any other important information you might have heard about the... Read More

  1. by   still_waiting2310
    I got an email today saying that my application was found complete and was forwarded for final review.
  2. by   rjcurran
    Hey there,

    The email did not say how many applicants there were for the San Mateo Spring 2011 cohort; however, they recently posted some stats on their website of what their average accepted applicant looks like on paper (i.e., GPA, TEAS scores, etc.).

    Someone asked in a previous thread if anyone else was nervous about there being no jobs and having at least $50K in debt when you graduate. I have encountered many new grads in the area who cannot find jobs as well, and this absolutely makes me nervous. This is a complete 180 compared to when I first started this endeavor. I still want to be a nurse, but I am rethinking about going to a private school.
  3. by   ilnurse15
    Hey is anyone still taking prerequisites? I just read something about them needing to be done by tomorrow if we are hoping to be in the January cohort.
  4. by   UCLover610
    Since we're not getting our response until Nov, did you all apply for the Summer cohort too? Its due tomorrow! What sucks is that you can't even update your essay!

    There goes 45 dollars down the drain again....
  5. by   ilnurse15
    I think we can apply without paying the fee again, that's what I was told when i called them today
  6. by   rk532
    Hi I am new on this page, can anyone tell me when we will hear their final admission decision? I guess it's ist week of oct?
  7. by   UCLover610
    Final decision for Spring 2011 cohort is Nov 15th....but don't hold your breath.

    Last time, they were on month past the decision date they had mentioned.
  8. by   BandAid716
    nov. 15th is when the letters go out.
  9. by   rk532
    Does anyone knows how many spots are there in oakland and sacramento campus?
  10. by   BandAid716
    usually 48 spots per campus.
  11. by   AndyPants44
    I have been emailing with EB and I asked if there was any chance we would find out before November- she responded on Saturday night at 10:33 pm (on the holiday weekend!!!) saying she was working weekends because it was also her hope that we would be notified as soon as possible. That was really nice to read! Crossing fingers it will be sooner rather than later.

    Did anyone else who is on the waitlist for the November cohort get the email that they could automatically transfer their application for the Spring 2011 cohort for San Mateo? It was a little weird, given that I had already applied and paid for my app with San Mateo for the same cohort (bummer, since it sounds like I could have one the same for free without all the extra effort), but I did reply to consider me...
  12. by   ilnurse15
    I've been talking with the Sacramento Admissions office and they said that they will have decisions done 4 months after the application deadline, which is Nov. 1st. the woman I spoke with seemed to think that decisions would be made much sooner than that, sometime in October.

    If you haven't seen that your application is "complete" from NursingCAS you should get on that ASAP! I looked earlier in August and I found that not all of my transcripts were recieved, then I called SMU to make sure everything was in, it wasn't and I had to send unofficial stuff to them for review. I'm really glad I followed up, I think everyone should if they haven't seen that their application is complete. I know now that my application has been pulled for review, which is excellent.
  13. by   tiss
    Thanks for that heads up