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I am currently taking the prerequisite courses and planing to submit my application as soon as I finish the courses, but I am now working 3 day a week, sometimes 2 days in order to support myself. I... Read More

  1. by   CaptainButtWipeRN
    Quote from Mar123
    Oh god I hope we don't have to wait 5 months to find out! I think that it must have taken that long because they accepted applications for coherts for 3 locations that start in the summer. Probably took a long time to sift through all of those applications. Fall has only 1 cohert...San Francisco. So hopefully it will be faster.:typing
    I e-mailed Che, she told me that by May all application packets will be reviewed by councelor's. After, that they will be sent to the SF faculty where upon they'll decide on the list for the class roster and waiting list.

    I have a hunch that it may take upto August or September for us to get the final word. It may take +5 months.
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  2. by   Mar123
    Thanks least we all have an idea of how long to wait now. I'm gonna try not to stress :tbsk:
    Anybody know how many applicants for this cohert?
  3. by   CaptainButtWipeRN
    Quote from Mar123
    Anybody know how many applicants for this cohert?
    Che said on average there is 100 applicants when one location is open for enrollment. But that was on 03/02/09, the day after our applications were due. As I said before, USF has seen a 70% increase in applications for this term. If SMU has seen the same spike, the chances for a student who meets the minimum requirements may be less than 1/3 to get accepted.

    I'm kinda worried, I'm not an academic stud. I'm at a 3.7 with the prereqs, 3.5 science prereqs, NET math 80 and NET reading 76. I'm relying on my essays that describe my experience as a Kaiser Volunteer, Police Officer and father to getting in.

    If others reading this if you do not mind, please post your academic stats and work experience.
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  4. by   bearstudent
    Your scores are decent. They are better than mine except for the Net.
    It's very likely you will be accepted. Make sure that your credit is
    good however, as that is what determines your interest rate.

    good luck!
  5. by   CaptainButtWipeRN
    My guess was correct, there was an increase in applications. I received the following information in an e-mail...

    Greetings from Samuel Merritt University. Thank you for your application to the ABSN program for the cohort starting in San Francisco in November 2009. Here are some important updates for you:
    Applications for this cohort are up 73% over last year for a total of 194. This means we have an increase in applications to review so it is going to take us longer. Please bear with us.
    We expect to seat a class of 48 in San Francisco for this cohort; we will also establish a waitlist of qualified applicants.
    As we proceed with reviewing applications, complete files will receive first priority. Incomplete files may receive secondary consideration.
    We expect to have final notification letters out mid-late July. Instructions will be provided in all waitlist letters about reclassification for the January 2010 (Sacramento and San Mateo) cohorts.

    Eugenia Berdali, Admission Counselor, will be coordinating the application process. Please be watching for periodic updates from her.

    At this time, please do not respond to this email. I appreciate how anxious you are about your file and we will handle it with care and consideration.

    Anne Seed
    Director of Admission
    Samuel Merritt University
  6. by   Mar123
    Hey Masclinurse!
    Pretty good prediction... you were right on the money. I got the same e-mail and remembered what you said. Now I'm really nervous cause this will definately decrease my odds of getting in:scrm:.
  7. by   ebtide
    So, I guess this puts our chances to about 25%? This is certainly worse than I anticipated. Can someone explain what they mean by this: "reclassification for the January 2010 (Sacramento and San Mateo) cohorts".

    BTW- MascliNurse, we are in Phys together!
  8. by   scistav
    Hello, I'm in the Oakland May 2009 cohort.

    Here's the explanation of reclassification that we received in an email from SMU.

    If you are waitlisted for the summer 2009 program:
    You have the possibility to reclassify your application by completing the attached reclassification form. We will use all of the same materials included in your original application. Any new grades that you provide to us will be used when recalculating your GPA. Please feel free to include any additional grades or any materials that you would like to be considered in your new application. Submitting this form will not take you off of the waitlist for the summer term. Once classes have begun for the summer term if you have not been pulled from the waitlist we will then reclassify your application. The determination letters for the fall cohort are sent out in late June after the start of the summer class and you will be considered equally with the other fall applicants.

    Good Luck!
  9. by   biggiecali
    I am worried because they said they would give first priority to complete applications. I still have one class left for the summer. I am just hoping that a lot of other people are in my shoes. I still have to take Pathophysiology. Does anyone know if you can reclassify for May Oakland instead of one of the January cohorts? I feel discouraged now.
  10. by   ebtide
    I also have to take Pathophys over the summer. My interpretation of "incomplete" application is one that does not have accompanying transcripts and letters of recommendation. Can anyone clarify?
  11. by   run2savelives
    Hi everyone!

    I'm in classes with a couple of people also that applied also and we were thinking that complete applications meant having everything in, including application, letters of recommendation, and transcripts with all classes completed. I also applied for SM's November '09 SF program. Is there anyone who applied that has all classes completed? I'm a total worrier, but I'm scared to death that there are 48 applicants out there that have 4.0 GPAs, all their pre-reqs completed, and volunteer and healthcare experience on top of that. Anyone have these stats?

    I am finishing anatomy, physio, and patho, and need to take micro in the summer. I have a 3.9 for my BA, and something like a 3.8-9 for my last 60 units, an 89 on the NET, but no healthcare experience. I'm volunteering now, but that wasn't on my application...

    Any one else care to share stats or thoughts on what people who will be accepted will have? Eek!

    I wish everyone the best of luck :-)
  12. by   biggiecali
    Quote from run2savelives
    I'm a total worrier, but I'm scared to death that there are 48 applicants out there that have 4.0 GPAs, all their pre-reqs completed, and volunteer and healthcare experience on top of that.
    That is exactly what I am worried about. I got a 93 on the NET, my last 60 GPA is about a 3.9 or 3.8, I never really calculated it...and my science/prereq GPA is only like a 3.7. I have only volunteer experience in a hospital from High School...which was 8 years ago...and no healthcare experience...sounds like we are in pretty similar boats. I sure hope our boats make it to S.F. in November!! I'm really nervous too. I am just praying that everyone else that applied still has classes to take, or doesn't have as great of a NET or GPA, or they have other choices and they end up not accepting if they do get a spot. Also, the economy has got to make some of these applicants think twice...paying $55k+ for a year education and then taking who knows how long to actually find a job, that might make some people change their mind. This is the only place I applied, so this is my only chance. If I don't get in now then I am hoping they will let me move my application over to the May Oakland cohort and not have to take the TEAS now that they changed the test requirement. We'll see. Good luck to you!
  13. by   NuRsesRocK08
    hello run2savelives and biggiecali,

    just dropping in to read some posts and got some info for you two. If it helps any, I was accepted to the San Mateo June 09 absn at Samuel Merritt University. When I applied, I had two ongoing classes (stat and pharmacology) and one class still to take (pathophysio). The advisor told me that it was okay to put these on my application even though they have not been completed before the application deadline. You should speak to an advisor to make sure this is still acceptable. I know of a few people in my class that were also accepted with ongoing classes. Hope this encourages you both!