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Hi all! I am a pre-nursing student getting ready to put in my applications for Spring 2013. I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me a general idea of what Saddleback College's Nursing program is like? I really would... Read More

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    I got orange coast college. I'm also excited to start! (((: I haven't registered yet because my reg date is one of the last days...

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    Awesome! i ordered my stethoscope already and was able to get my name engraved on it for free! i got a littman i just need to get my uniform.
    how about you?
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    Oo yes I was given a littmann se ii by my cousin. I think they're a very good brand of stethoscopes. No engraving on mine ): have you purchased the uniforms yet? Those are the only ones I haven't purchased. I want to see them in person at orientation (:
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    hi cathering,
    same here! i need to purchase the uniforms still and im not looking forward to their price of almost 200 for only 2 pairs. I want to see the sizes because theres a statistic that you gain like 20 lbs while in nursing school which i hope is wrong because i honestly could lose like 30 now! i am excited about the orientation day because by then pharm will be over, which i can't wait for!!!
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    Thank you ctgangel.
    I called the nursing dept a few weeks ago and they said they had let in 8/10 of the alternates. But that was before the background checks were due so maybe they let some more in by now. When they are done going through the alternates, they will start calling the 1st pool. Yeay.
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    Sigh...., I just called today and they said they are still on the alternates and have s few more left before they will start on 1st pool. There are normally 10 in the 1st pool, and they do not know where I stand in that pool yet. Well, I prayed about it so whatever is meant to be will happen and I will try not to be so anxious. I finish Pharm in a few weeks so I will have 72 pts after this class. It will be enough for the Fall. I am just so anxious to get in as soon as possible.
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    Congrats everyone!!!
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    Dazzlechunk i forgot which pharm class you are in? the night one or do you have venable? i am in venables class now. in due time you will be in like i said theres a lot of people that don't show up even on orientation day. if you are 30 minutes late they will drop someone out and get the next one in. keep praying.
    otherwise you apply in feb and for sure you will get in! do you have gerontology and the other life cycles class done?
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    Alternates update?
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    Did anyone buy the clinical skills lab book already? What is the coverage of the first lab meeting? Thanks

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