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Hi all! I am a pre-nursing student getting ready to put in my applications for Spring 2013. I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me a general idea of what Saddleback College's Nursing... Read More

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    Quote from dazzlechunk
    ctgangel, that's good news that they let in the last two alternates during orientation. Was it because 2 people didn't show up or possibly dropped out of the program? Were there more than 2 people who didn't show up? Just curious, because that would mean that the nursing dept would let more people in probably after winter break to replace them.
    One accepted another nursing program, the other person just didn't show up (he/she was at work when the orientation started).

    I thought that if you're in the alternate list you had to just show up for orientation? So you won't miss anything in case you get in. I'm almost sure that from now until January 19 (first day of clinical for some people) there will be at least one or two who will end up dropping the program.
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    Hi applered. Thank you. I'm in the first pool, but the nursing dept said I still have a chance because when they are done going through the last alternates, they can begin calling our group. Darn, I wonder if I would have been able to show up to orientation. I didn't know I was allowed to since I'm not an alternate. But I guess that would of increased my chance if I did go.
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    QUESTION, when does the spring nursing program start? Thank you.
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    Quote from dazzlechunk
    QUESTION, when does the spring nursing program start? Thank you.
    January 19 for half of the class and january 22 for the other half of class.
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    Did anybody apply to the fall 2013 nursing program? I made a mistake last semester by only applying to one school. This time I plan to apply to at least 5 schools. Does anybody know which schools are accepting applications soon for a fall program? Golden West is still not accepting, and I'm not sure about Santa Ana. Thanks.
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    Yes, I did. I only applied to Saddleback
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    Dazzlechunk, I read recently on their website that Santa Ana college will be taking apps again in September for a points based system.
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    I was wondering the points and gpa's of people that got into Saddlebacks program? I am applying in the fall and I just want to know what chance I have on getting in based on past applicants. Thanks everyone!
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    It depends on the number and type of applicants. I was told by teachers that previous years the cutoff was somewhere from high sixties to low seventies. Again, it depends on the pool you are in.
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    I'm in the program. They admit by point system, so even if you have lower gpa, you can get points from other things, like clinical/hospital/medical/patient/client experience, or from finishing required subjects before the program-- life span psychology, pharmacology, etc, you get points from getting a high TEAS score, for having a BS degree, etc.

    If u can get a point total in the mid 70s you'll get in.
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    Thanks mgarrett13. I think I'll apply there as well.
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    I was told that there were about 250 applicants this time which I think is in the normal range.
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    Anyone apply to Concordia? I want to but know its really expensive and I don't want another loan.