Sacramento City College ADN 2014/15 - Anyone hear a decision yet? - page 5

Hi Everyone, I applied to CSUS (Sac State) American River College, and Sacramento City College for the Fall 2014 Nursing Programs. It looks like I will be less than 5 points shy from making the cutoff for Sac State (booo!) and... Read More

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    I hear you. I emailed nursing department last week saying that I know that they sent out emails already but is there a way to find out if I got in or not. They emailed me back this Monday saying that "as it is stated on website nonselected applications won't be notified" and if I was not contacted by now I was not selected. Sorry to brake this bad news to you but decisions are made. I went through same thing. Good luck! Hopefully you have other choices.

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    For those of you who were accepted to Sierra do you have any additional info on the BSN merger? The website is vague and I would be very interested in that option in the future.

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