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  1. 1 is anyone attending or has anybody attended any ROP lvn programs in the california areas. if so, what was it like. i am looking to attend the lpn program at Baldy View ROP. i am just nervously waiting to take the tabe test.
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    I'm in northern California and commute 1 hour south from Chico to attend the ROP LVN program in Yuba City (it's 1 hour north of Sacramento). I graduate this February. They offer two programs, a part time and full time. I'm in the part time (18 months). The full time is 9 months. They too will finish up around the same time as our class. I absolutely love it! I think it's a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to get their LVN/LPN license without the high costs of private programs (ROP is FREE), long waiting lists of community/4 year colleges (ROP admits on pre-fulfilled requirements and an interview), and overfilled understaffed classes (1:4 student teacher ratio). There are only 30 students admitted per full time class and 15 per part time class. And, we have 8 nursing instructors, most of them with their MSN. The only requirements are that you take A&P (which is offered through ROP) and med-term (also offered through ROP) so it makes everything very attainable. I hope you enjoy being part of an ROP program. I know I have. I remember when I found out I was accepted I was so happy. Good luck in the program! :spin:
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    any rop lvn programs in Southern Cali ??
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    I'm not sure where you are in SoCal, but Simi Valley Adult School has an ROP
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    The following link lists the ROP programs in CA:
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    Hi, am currently a CNA and am looking for an ROP part-time class for Lvn near montebello california. I want some where near home so that i dont have to commute fur because i have a 4yr old and am relyin on my family to baby sit her after school which she attends 5days a week for 3.5 hours. ANY ONE??
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    I think that there is a part time program at Hawthorne High; ROP Adult school. =+) That is the only part time program I know of.
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    I wish one of these rop programs was in the bay area, that's where they're really needed.