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I just like to start a new thread for spring 13 cohort. Currently, I'm invited to take the TEAS test on Friday, Nov 9th (update: just received an email that date has been changed to 16th). For those of you that applied for... Read More

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    We can do this!! We just need to help each other right? And where do u live Jen?

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    We can definitely do this! I live in Moreno Valley...close to the super Target on Nason.
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    So am I missing it? Where are the Taylor videos? And video eval forms?
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    I havent looked. I was thinking it was the cd that came with the book? Dont worry I feel lost too
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    Does anyone know how long the background check takes to be completed? I did my drug test today and she said the results will be up in 48 hours. I just need to register and I cannot until i pass the background.
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    Thanks jakeandjosh! I bought a used book, so I hope it's not! Some stuff refers to course web page?!?! I guess well find out soon!!!Kammbamm, mine took about two days after the drug screen, I was sent an email explaining what showed up & then I was able to register!
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    Malia09- Thanks sooo much!!! So i should be able to register come Thursday when we take our badge pictures.
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    First day tomorrow...Aaahhhh! We haven't even started and I already feel behind
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    Greetings Ladies and Gents,

    I have a question for you about the Nursing patch for our uniforms. What is the correct placement for it? The president of SNO said there was a powerpoint that mentioned the correct placement of it but I haven't been able to find it.

    Thanks from the Fall 2013 Cohort.

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    I forget the exact placement so I do t wanna tell u the wrong thing. But they will tell you on the first day of class. You will not need to wear a uniform the first week of school. You go in plain clothes and the first day they will bombard you with all if the info you need to know. You can just sit and relax and listen to everything. The first day is the easiest day

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