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I just like to start a new thread for spring 13 cohort. Currently, I'm invited to take the TEAS test on Friday, Nov 9th (update: just received an email that date has been changed to 16th). For those of you that applied for... Read More

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    Kammbamm- one more thing. I was looking at the paperwork and it also says that when the ATI package isn't order by Jan 28th there will be a late fee of $35 (charged by ATI). Just wanted you to know just in case she didn't tell you.

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    Is there anything assigned that first week besides the reading that we need to complete? I thought I saw somewhere thatwe needed to watch some video?
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    I got a dilemma here -.- Received a call this morning from my local community college (college of the desert) offering me a spot for their RN program....that leaves me a very short window of time to respond. So, I hope people graduated from both schools can share some insights R.C.C vs C.O.D in term of teaching qualities, ease in finding job in local hospitals and etc. Any responses are appreciated.
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    Congrats chairmanx Im sure you will excel wherever u plan to attend. I hope you find all the advice you need in order to make the best decision for you. Good luck
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    Stopped by the bookstore today, the medical bag is not ready yet & they only have Saunders "Nursing Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostic tests" for $46. I bought it for $26 on Amazon.com instead.
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    Okay. I was waitlisted and just got accepted two weeks ago, although i had started the health stuff it wont be complete until thursday when i get my physical. My doctor was booked the entire month, yeesh. I asked her since I just got accepted and she said just pay for as much as you can when you can. I plan on purchasing ATI when school starts. He sent a bunch of emails with printouts and about the supply bag.
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    Hello everyone what ati package do I need to purchase? I went to the ati website but was unsure of what exactly it is that we need to purchase. Thanks
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    jakeandjoshysmom-got to ATI website and sign in or create account. on the edit profile page and confirm school attending. Its listed Riverside CC ADN. Click on "My purchases and payments" and enter Payment Code:0106453, Class code: 1214RIV

    Where did you guys find the eliopolus 8th edition? All i see are the 7th editions.
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    Thanks kammbamm I must have mispaced the paper with that info. I appreciate it. Oh and I found that book on barnesandnoble.com. They are the high price leader though
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    Okay thanks!!! What shoes are you guys buying?

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