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I just like to start a new thread for spring 13 cohort. Currently, I'm invited to take the TEAS test on Friday, Nov 9th (update: just received an email that date has been changed to 16th). For those of you that applied for... Read More

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    Thanks for replying. I hope we know by the end of the month. I cannot take this!! I do my CPR, physical, and titers all next week.

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    I spoke to them as well and they said there has been no movement on the alternates list yet..hope we hear something soon
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    Okay, people Sunday at 3pm in Corona. It will be held at her house so inbox me for the address because I don't want to post it to the world hahaha. Please inbox me asap for everyone who wants to go so I can tell her the amount of people going. It's $40/person & she said more than 6 is fine.
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    Or e-mail me at lordhavehisgrilledcheese@yahoo.com for the address if u can't inbox me on here. Yeah, I know weird e-mail name See you Sunday!
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    Hey for the CPR class later is anyone renewing theirs? I completely forgot I only need a renewal
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    Thanks again vanessa thats one more thing we can check off!
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    Hey Standbys, anyone paying the 25 to subscribe to the website & uploading their docs? I'm kinda torn-- do it because I'm hopeful, or don't waste $25. What's your plan? Thanks
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    No problemo! I still need to get the books :/
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    Happy New Year everyone! How's everyone doing? I want to make sure everyone check your registration date. As of today, I was able to register even tho my assigned date is end of this month, but I was given priority since all my requirements are met. Right now there are 51/80 spots left (Available/Capacity), this is a good measurement for people on alternate list to watch for. Good luck to everyone on alt list, I will the see the rest of you in class
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    I was able to register also.

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