Receiving Temporary License After Money is Processed?

  1. I am currently an RN working in Indiana, and am planning on moving to Los Angeles in early April. I sent in my application for Licensure by Endorsement to the California State Board of Nursing in early December, and just recently the check I sent the Board of Nursing cleared through my bank. I tried to verify my license through the BreEZe license verification, but no matches were found for my name. Does anyone know the likelihood that I will be granted my license, given that my processing fees have been cleared? The State Board of Nursing wrote on their website not to contact them regarding application status if it has been less than 90 days since the money has cleared from the bank. I will continue to check for my license through the BrEZze verification, but I am a little nervous that something might have gone wrong and I won't be notified that something might be missing for another 3 months. I would really like to start my job search as soon as possible!
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  3. by   denicu
    Did you do the livescan or fingerprint cards. Sometimes it makes a difference . It is much quicker with the livescan. I am thinking if I can get a cheap flight to just go out to CA and get the livescan . If you can call early in the morning you may be able to talk to a live person and ask to check if everything is in place. Another poster sent her application in Dec and all the paperwork was there -they were waiting on her fingerprint to clear.