Providence little company of Mary 2013

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    Hey did anyone get a call for their new grad march cohort? If so, do you know what the interview process is like or what units they are hiring for?

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    Wondering the same thing! Did you get a call from them RN12PTL?
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    Yeah I did and was supposed to get a call back this week if they had the units I wanted open for new grads. Did you get a call?
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    Long story short I got a MISSED call from them with no voicemail on Tuesday and when I called back the recruiter was out of office and they said he'd call me back on Thursday but I haven't heard anything since. Not sure what that means . What units did you ask for?
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    Ideally..I'd love to work er/icu or a step down floor. When I talked to him Tuesday he said the only units for sure thinking of hiring were medsurg tele and the float pool. Did you apply back in October too?
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    So I suppose they are just making preliminary calls? Hopefully we'll both hear some good news from them next week . I actually applied last week, I believe on Thursday.
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    Oh nice! What unit are you hoping for?
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    Med-Surg/Tele! When you spoke to the recruiter was it more a phone interview or was he just asking about unit preferences?
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    I sent you a pm with the details. Did he call you today?
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    PMed you back!

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