Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital March 2014 New Grad Program

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    Hello everyone,

    I applied for PIH's new grad program for March, 2014 and had an interview about 2 weeks ago. For those who had interview, has anyone received a call? Thank you in advance for any input.

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    I didn't have an interview yet but I have one scheduled for next week.
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    Good luck with your interview.
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    Thanks! Did u interview for labor and delivery or all the units?
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    Hello Aliashley:

    I had an interview with HR, but my friend had one with the director of the unit she applied for.
    Both of us are still waiting responses from them. Don't be nervous, although I was nervous before my interview.
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    Ooo hmmm mine is with the nurse recruiter and then all the units that are taking new grads. So it's a panel interview with like 5 people. Was yours for a specific unit?
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    Both of us did not have panel interview. During my interview, the nursing recruiter asked me about which unit I prefer. I guess because I checked all units available on my application. But my friend checked only medi-surg, and she interviewed by the unit director, instead of HR.
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    Ooo that's so weird that the interview process is different for everyone. I applied to All the units. Maybe u haven't heard back because they are still interviewing. Good luck to u! What unit are u interested in?
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    I'm interested in any one but oncology.
    During my interview, i was asked why i want to work for pih? what are my goals? many other questions about personality, behavior and values. No situational questions at all.
    I was told only 15 positions available, but thousands people applied. I think as long as you well prepared, nothing to worry about the interview. Do you have specific questions want to ask? i am here to try to ease your anxiety.
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    Noo I've been practicing all the basic questions and behavior and some situational. I feel like I'm well prepared I'm just not a very good interviewer. I've already been on 3 interviews in the last month with 0 offers. I guess if anything I've just been gaining the experience to be more comfortable with interviewing. It scares me that it's a panel interview but maybe it won't be so bad. If anything I will just become better at interviewing from the experience. And wow I can't believe they received that many applicants. I'm surprised I'm even getting and interview. Did they tell u how many people they were interviewing? There r way to many new grad in one place!

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