Poll for Unemployed Nurses

  1. 0 This is for Experienced Nurses and New Grads alike. I want to know how many of us out there are actually unemployed. Participation is appreciate
  2. Poll: How long have you been looking for employment as an RN / Nurse

    • < 6 months

      58.82% 10
    • 1 - 2 years

      29.41% 5
    • > 2 years

      11.76% 2
    • Experienced RN / Nurse

      23.53% 4
    • New Grad RN / Nurse

      41.18% 7
    17 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    I'm employed in another state, but would like to relocate to my home state of California. However, I have not been able to secure a firm job offer, and I will not relocate without a job. I've been looking since last year.

    BTW, I have 2 years of RN experience and 4 years of LVN experience. I've been applying at facilities in less desirable cities such as Visalia, Delano, Fresno, Bakersfield, Porterville, etc.
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    That's one reason why I'm doing this. New and Experienced, young and well seasoned Nurses are all having the same problem. I've seen older nurses complain that's it's Agisim and it's cheaper to hire new grads. I've seen new grads companies that it's because older nurses just won't retire. I've seen derogatory thing said from forgin Nurses about us Nurses and vice versa. It frustrates me to see a community of people whom normally have so much dignity be so down right hateful to each other. The fact is that there is NO nursing shortage and companies seem to deliberately treat nurses as an unlimited and disposable resource that they can pit against each other to minimize the mistreatment and devaluing of our profeshion.
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    Good luck!
    Try Ukiah, Redlands, Santa Maria, Modesto, Merced, San Bernadino are considered smaller cities vs San Jose and San Diego.

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