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Hi everyone! I'm planning to move to Cali next summer and I wanted to know if people can help me learn a bit more about nursing in California.... I would like to know what the starting pay is like, and if there are... Read More

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    Please contact ProCare One Nursing in Newport Beach, CA. That's Orange County. They have about 150 LA and Orange County, Riverside County hospitals that they serve. These people are GREAT at getting you regular work.
    I worked with them until November of 2009 when I moved out of state. I had been with a couple of other registries in California but they didn't have the amount of work that ProCare has.
    The pay for Med-Surg or Tele is $34 - $40/hr. Of course, California pays time and 1/2 for all hours over 8 in a shift. So, pay for 12 hours is about $450 - $550 take home.
    The cost of living; however, is REALLY high. To get a one bedroom in a decent area, my rent was $1580 month (including utilities) or $1290 month plus utilities.
    And I won't be getting anything out of this. I just want to help anyone stuck in this area of California now that work is slower.
    Good luck and God bless.
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    i have a few friends who livwin OC , California . they are now struggling with the rent . Anuway i heard UCLA have great nursing program . good luck my friend .
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    My first thought is don't call California, Cali. Also, I would really encourage you to have a job before moving. The economy in California continues to tank. Be aware of the stiff income taxes as well as every other tax known to man. Wages are high but living expenses even higher. Good luck to you.
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    I moved to CA as a new grad but had a job lined up and even then had major sticker shock at the price of rent. I was lucky and got work right before the economy took a big tumble. Keep in mind the economy in CA state-wide is in shambles.

    I would echo the sentiment that unless you have a LARGE amount of money saved up you should find a job before making the move. Many places just aren't hiring right now. If you're wanting to make the move to a sunbelt state the prospects in AZ and TX are far more promising at this time. There are even experienced CA nurses at my hospital considering the move to TX because of the more stable economy and lower cost of living.

    There is also a big variation in hospital quality out here. We do have patient ratio laws that vary by area that you work in. I've noticed that there are fewer CNAs though due to ratio law. I work on a 48 bed pediatric med-surg floor and when we're full our staffing is 12 nurses and 4 CAs (that's without any sitters or patients who are 3:1s due to high acuity). We have plenty of transport staff and rarely take a patient to CT or MRI unless they are unstable and need the RN to go with for that reason.

    Good Luck in your decision making process. CA is a beautiful state but it's definitely a difficult time to be looking at making the move.
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    do not move to ca....high taxes, expensive rent and houses, too much traffic, no jobs, colleges and uc are impacted programs, fires, earthquakes!!!! i hope to move out of ca someday! i was born in ca. oc is very expensive place to live even la.......good luck!!!
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    very true

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