pasadena college spring 2013

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    Has anyone else applied for spring 2013? This will be my second time applying.
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    I've applied. Havn't heard anything...........yet.
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    I received an email today. Ive been chosen as an alternate. I'm hopeful that i will get in this time!!!
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    fc89 I also recieved an email from PCC today saying I was accepted as an alternate. Do u know how long it generally takes before we get another response?
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    George_y after reading some of the past threads, I've noticed that some students that were chosen as alternates received a response about 1 or 2 months later! On my email it says that my alternate status stays in effect till january, so that means i have a while to hear from them. How long does yours say? And did you receive an alternate #? I didn't..
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    fc89 mine says the same thing. Have you applied to any other schools? what are your stats btw?
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    George_Y I applied to 5 schools and got rejected from 4 and only pasadena gave me an alternate status. My stats are: "A" in anatomy (with one repeat), "B" in micro, "B" in physio, and "A" in english. What are your stats?
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    Any health care experience? Ive got an A's in Micro Anatomy, Physio, and English..ive applied to 4 schools and have only heard back from PCC. My overall GPA isn't that great being 3.1 so that might stop me from getting in.
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    I'm a CNA and currently working at a sub-acute facility in LA. Do you have any expirience? My gpa isnt all that good either...
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    I was accepted as an alternate, too. I wish they would tell you what number you are in line, or how many alternates there are!

    Right now I live in SF, so hopefully I find out sooner rather than in January if I will need to move down to SoCal!!