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Has anyone else applied for spring 2013? This will be my second time applying.... Read More

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    I haven't heard anything from PCC. This is my 4th times applied there

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    yea im a Phlebotomist, but I work in an outpatient hospital experience.
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    George_Y im actually going to school right now for phlebotomy. Is it hard to find a job in this field? I want to work per diem in case i get into the program.
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    I was put on alternate for fall 2011. They emailed me a month later saying I got in. This was about 6 weeks before the start of the fall semester btw. I had 24 hours to fax or drop off my intent form, which I did. My teas test was scheduled like 10 days after, at their campus.

    What I was told about the selection process is that there is a "Cut-Off" score for all the applicants. Then they draw randomly from those who made the cut.
    As for the alternates, I dont know how they prioritize that. I just know they add the alternates when the people who got in declines the spot.
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    CokeMachine About how many alternates were chosen for your class? I just wanna know if i have a chance of making it in. BTW how is the program going for you?
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    I went to take the Teas Test on campus after I heard that I got in from an alternate spot. I was there with the rest of the alternates who made it and there were about 20 of us.

    Currently finishing up 3rd semester. Its probably been the toughest semester so far. A lot of the LVN's who joined up this semester are struggling on the Theory/lecture portion. More than a handful of people dropped already this semester for whatever reason (dosage, theory test)
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    Hey all, Jim new here. Got the alternate email nov 6, and anxiously waiting..
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    Hi jim and welcome to AN!....I guess we will all wait anxiously together. I hope we hear some good news soon.
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    I received my acceptance email and call today!!! God is good!!!!! Super excited!! Good luck to all of you!!
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    Me too. congrats!! It starts jan 7 :/

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