pasadena city college rn program fall 2013

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    has anyone applied to pasadena's rn program for fall 2013? has anyone been accepted into east pasadena's rn program? if so what was your pre-reqs grades? mines aren't all that great that's why i am so worried i will not get in because my pre-reqs gpa is only i even have a chance at getting in? please stressed out im not a bad student... i just don't have the time to study like im supposed to...i am a working full time single mother with two children and couldn't dedicate my time to so much studying...i was lucky if i even got 10 hours of studying a week

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    Hi there,
    My GPA was 2.7 and I was chosen as an alternate and ending up getting in. If you get in I hope you will have more than 10 hours a week to study because any RN program will keep you very busy!
    Good luck
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    thank you so much for responding...i hope i have same luck as you...i will pray about it...lets keep in touch yeah? take care...cant wait to hear from the nursing school..... argghhhhh lol
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    I applied for fall 2013 as well. I did really well on my pre-reqs, but have a mediocre undergrad GPA. I am anxious to hear from Pasadena City College as well on my status. Best of luck that you get in!
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    Also waiting to hear back from PCC for Fall '13. It's my second time applying. Last year they started making acceptance calls in late May/early June. Rejection emails went out on June 12. Alternates were being notified of acceptance as late as August. All this is to say we have some wait time ahead of us! Good luck to everyone!
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    Thank you for posting the expected time frame...ugh....more time waiting. I wonder when they notify applicants to take the TEAS? I am actually taking my TEAS exam tomorrow, but I was curious as to when PCC notifies applicants to come and take the test there?
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    Well on the application they gave dates from May 6-8th to take the teas test there, so I thought we'd be notified of acceptance or rejection prior to that... No?

    I mean, last spring application period, they accepted/rejected people in early June and said the teas had to be taken by mid-June... That makes me think they're on a whole different timeline this spring.

    I'm sorry - I've become a bit overanalytical during these weeks of waiting!
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    I hope you're right about them notifying folks of acceptance earlier this year. Waiting it out last year really seemed to take forever!
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    Yeah based on the previous spring's posts for PCC (say that three times fast) it seemed like PCC was the last school to inform. Hopefully they've changed their ways!
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    Hey everyone, I called PCC this morning and I was told that applicants should hear something by late April and before May 1st. They are still evaluating but if you don't hear anything in 2 weeks, give them a call to follow up.

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