Palomar College nursing waitlist

  1. Anyone in the Palomar College waitlist? Anyone knows if they already sent out acceptance letters for Spring 2012 or Fall 2012? If you do, what number on the waitlist are you currently in? I'm in the 80's and I'm just looking for a rough estimate on when I could get in. Hopefully sooner than I thought

    Thank you and hope to hear from someone soon
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  3. by   madwife2002
    Where is this school located?
  4. by   Ivylove
    San Marcos, CA
  5. by   Iamwaiting
    Hi, from my understanding they already sent out the acceptance letter for Fall 2011 and Spring of 2012. I am currently on the waitlist number 18 (as of August 10, 2011) for 2 years or so now. I think the earliest i could expect to get in the program is Fall 2012 which is a year from now.
  6. by   Ivylove
    Iamwaiting, thanks for the reply. Did you already received your acceptance letter? Did you apply to the new point system or you just stayed on the wait list? Its funny because I am also going on 2 years wait and still on the 80's . So, so far they sent out acceptance letter for Spring 2012. You're lucky you're already on #18 that's coming up soon for sure. Please post or let me know when you receive your acceptance letter, I woul love to hear and get updates regarding the wait list. Good luck to you and thanks again for the info
  7. by   Iamwaiting
    Hi, just dropped by at the nursing office today and what they told me is they did infact sent spring 2012 acceptance letter and they are still sending out a few more in the coming weeks or months depending on how many declines they get and funding for the coming semester. I asked them the chances of me getting in Spring 2012 they said the chances are very slim but still there is a possibility. Regarding for fall 2012 they said the chances looks very good on me base on my number from the list. When did you apply by the way. I applied Spring of 2009.
  8. by   Ivylove
    That's awesome, I've been meaning to call them but I didn't really want to bother them with my questions I honestly think that you'll be starting in Spring or Fall 2012. I can't wait to finally be able to know when I could start so I could start planning. I applied in fall 2009. I'be been waiting for almost 2 years. It would have been faster if they didn't start the new point system. Because I heard, they are only accepting 18 from the current waitlist and 18 from the new point system. Are you planning on working when you get in? Do you have any children? Thanks again
  9. by   Iamwaiting
    Hopefully I can get in Spring 2012 but I don't really wanna keep my hopes up and then get disappointed. I've had that many times before but now I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. So I basically applied a semester ahead of you. By the way I do not plan on working while in the program cause I know how rigorous and time consuming nursing school is base on what I see from friends and family members who are in the program. Also, I wanted to finish up my bachelors at CSUSM where I currently attend. Lastly, yes I do have a son (5 year old.) What about you?
  10. by   Iamwaiting
    You should apply on the new point system. Who knows you might get in and possibly we can be on the same cohort together. Are you attending Palomar now? And oh, when I saw some of the newly admitted Nursing students with their name tag "RN Students" today I was a bit jelous cause I could have been with them if they didn't change in to the new system hence still patiently waiting hang in there before you know it your in
  11. by   Ivylove
    Thats right you should have been starting already if they didn't start the new point system. They should have at least let all the students who's been waiting before they start the new point system lol...just a thought! Did you apply under the new point system?

    Yes I do have a 4-year old daughter. I am getting my Bachelors as well and I go to NU, I'm working on my BS Clinical Lab Science. Or maybe who knows we could use the bachelors to MSN lol....I don't think I'll be able to get in sooner with the new point system, my TEAS score is not that high and some other criteria I don't have i.e., veterans, first family member to attend college, personal circumstances, etc. But I will still try, like you said who knows right

    I do feel the same way when I see newly RN students, I see them a lot at a hospital I work at (they're doing their internship), they're Mira Costa students and what made me feel mad is Should have started with them last year spring, but they chnged it to that new point system & I never followed up cuz I couldn't get a sooner appt take the teas, so I never made it to the deadline.

    Btw, I don't currently attend Palomar, do you?
  12. by   Iamwaiting
    awww that's a bummer you could have taken TEAS at Palomar or CSUSM or other schools that offered it. I believe you don't have to be a student on either schools to take the TEAS. I didn't apply on the new point system because I was hoping to get in Fall 2011 and I wasn't really keeping up on the latest news on the program till recently cause I was a full time student at CSUSM. I am a full time student at CSU this sem and just taking one class at Palomar. Keep in touch, ok? I will definitely let you know as soon as I get my acceptance letter.
  13. by   Ivylove
    I know it was a total bummer, at that time the deadline was August something and the earliest scheduled I got in at Palomar was sept 13. And I remembered I scheduled that back in May & that was the soonest they could get me in at that time. Yes, they told me I don't have to be a student there to take the teas. I didn't really checked out CSUSM, I should of. But yeah, thanks a lot for the info and hope you hear from them soon. Keep in touch!
  14. by   Iamwaiting
    OMG cheyenne, I just got my provisional acceptance letter for Spring 2012. I am so excited. Anyone else who got their acceptance letter for spring 2012?