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    I am new to this website community and English isn't my strongest language, so I want apologize for any spelling errors in advance. I am in need of an advice; My family recently relocated here to Los Angeles and after weeks of settling down I'd decided to get started on my search for schools with nursing field. The closest colleges (community type?) near me are Los Angeles City College and Santa Monica College. I've called up both campuses and found out that there's an extensive waiting lists for the nursing program with waiting period of more than a year.

    Are there any local residents here in Los Angeles that could recommend me some additional schools with a nursing major? My plan is to earned an AA degree in nursing (becoming an LVN) and I will further pursue a BA in nursing in order to become an RN in the near future. If anyone can recommend any school, whether a regular university or a private institute, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you for your time to read my post!

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    Jobs are ridiculously hard to find for new grad LVNs right now...I would avoid that route. My 2 cents

    By the way, I'm living in Socal like yourself

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