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I saw that NorthBay Health Care in Fairfield had their new grad program up. After a day I saw that it was gone. Has anybody had there status change yet? Please you this forum to share any info you may have on this New Grad Program... Read More

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    Quote from Peep
    Has anyone heard back from the NorthBay Healthcare New Grad program that was just posted at the end of January?
    i have heard nothing so far.

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    Hey Peep, I haven't heard anything from them. My application status just says "forwarded to manager"... Not sure exactly what that means.
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    I know that this thread is dated, but I'm just wondering if anyone applied for the Clinical nurse I - Med/Surg positions that were posted last week? Has anyone heard back?
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    Just wondering if anyone else applied for the NICU position last Friday, the 26th? I applied and it was reviewed and forwarded to the manager within the hour. I haven't heard anything yet but it was "forwarded to manager" again yesterday, which I thought was strange.
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    I applied as well. My changed to 'forward to manager' on Friday the 26th, but I haven't heard anything... I think I may call today and see if anyone has been contacted for the position.
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    Please let me know if you hear anything. Did you precept in NICU? Good luck!
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    I applied and was forwarded to the manager as well. Good luck to everyone applying!!!
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    I just got the rejection email a couple minutes ago.
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    Quote from lakergurl08
    I just got the rejection email a couple minutes ago.
    I'm sorry to hear that I'm sure mine will be coming soon. That seems to be all that I get!! It really takes a toll after a while.
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    Thank you. It's ok. Wasn't meant to be at that hospital. And it def takes it toll. Luckily it hasn't all been rejections.

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