Non-Traditional Students at University of San Francisco Fall Clinicals 2011??

  1. Just wondering if there are any non-traditional students (i.e older than 25) or any student for that matter, who are in the nursing program at University of San Francisco? Anyone starting their first clinicals in the fall 2011???
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  3. by   Ducksinarow
    Hi, I'm a non traditional student, 26 but I will be starting as a freshman in the fall! Hope there are some more of us around!
  4. by   SFLady
    Congrats!!! Are you going school F/T? I do like my classmates and school is great but its always nice to have a group of people who have been through the school of hard knocks
  5. by   Ducksinarow
    Ha! Yes I graduated hard knocks cum laude!
    I am going full time! I actually went to a theater program in London straight out of high school and realized that was a mistake so I am back in the US starting a fresh, wanted to do an accelerated program but they didn't wouldn't take my degree because it's foreign. I am excited about the career but definitely nervous about being behind and possibly 7 years older than everyone! Are there older ones in your class? How do you like the program?
  6. by   SFLady
    I'm definitely older. Just turned 34. And there are older students. A few mid-late to mid thirties. There's always at least a handful 'real adults' in the program so it made me feel better. I wanted to do accelerated too but I also need to work so this program definitely works for me. If you need any help with campus stuff, lemme know.
  7. by   Ducksinarow
    Thank you! I appreciate it. I am going to orientation and such and shall see how it all plays out. Do you have enough time to work while in the program? I wanted to work but dont think I can because I got stuck with a totally sporadic schedule. I am going see what I can make work! Thanks again!