New nursing student, FCC Spring 2013

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    Hi I just got accepted to the Spring 2013 nursing program at Fresno City College, I am very excited, I was wondering if any of my fellow classmates are on here?

    Also, what can I do ahead of time to prepare myself best?


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    Congrats! I also got a call, but as an alternate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get in, hopefully I will know on mondays meeting.
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    Goodluck! They are doing a summer program this year as well so hopefully you can get into one of them
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    Thank you! The lady who told me I was an alternate said, if I didn't get in for spring I would have a seat for the summer session. So either one would be great. Are you from Fresno?
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    Yes, born and raised in Clovis. How about you? Thats great though so at least you know for sure you will be in soon
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    Welcome! It'll be a tough road, but well worth it in the end!
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    Hello! I also got accepted into the program! Have you been registered for classes yet? Still patiently waiting.
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    Yes, I was able to get in for this spring, have any of you been able to check your schedule. I will be commuting from porterville, I was wondering if anyone will commuting as well?
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    Still no schedule for me! I'll be commuting from Modesto. Anyone else!?
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    sorry guys I dont check this often! I hope you got registered in classes, I did last week I believe, which is a relief, I wanted to start looking for good prices for the books!
    I am very excited, a month left before we start .
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