New Grad Dameron Hospital & Versant Program Winter 2013 - page 8

Hey! Has anyone else on here applied for the New Grad program in Stockton? I went to the open house last week and it was packed full of hungry, new grads. I applied to a few departments and have so far heard back from one. Just... Read More

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    Same here. Good luck!

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    Well good luck... hopefully we all get the job
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    Did they tell you 3-4 spots were open when they called you for the 3rd int.
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    I thought I remember them saying 3, but you are the 2nd person who is claiming 4 so I would prefer to think 4. If I'm correct, this should be the last interview yes? Any idea what it might entail?
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    Yes last interview and I believe we are meeting with the CNO... but congrats were soo close hopefully we will be meeting soon
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    Yes, I hope to meet everyone soon. This has been a long process of patience!
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    @ cbbb, your private message did go through! I just replied. Thank you
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    Clinical interview went well...i like the people and could see myself working with them...waiting on the call for the last interview
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    Hi billh500. With which unit did you have your 2nd interview? Good luck!!
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    Billh5000- that's awesome! I really liked the managers too good luck on getting a third interview! Hopefully we will hear monday!

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