New Grad Dameron Hospital & Versant Program Winter 2013 - page 7

Hey! Has anyone else on here applied for the New Grad program in Stockton? I went to the open house last week and it was packed full of hungry, new grads. I applied to a few departments and have so far heard back from one. Just... Read More

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    I think there are 8?

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    Also, I was told there are 4 positions for ED.
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    billh5000- how did they interview go? I think you are right about the 8 spots.
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    There are 3-4 for L&D.
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    Nursean2- I tried to reply to your message and it says I can't use the messaging system
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    I heard there were 4 for L&D
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    Four is better than 3! Great :-)
    Nursekty, did you apply for L&D?
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    Yes. My last interview they told me 4 so im hoping that is still true.
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    That's good news. Have you heard back from them yet? I had my 2nd interview with them last week.
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    Yeah mine was last week as well.. my third interview is next week

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