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Hey! Has anyone else on here applied for the New Grad program in Stockton? I went to the open house last week and it was packed full of hungry, new grads. I applied to a few departments and have so far heard back from one. Just... Read More

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    Thank you! Have you heard about a third interview yet? And do you know when they are supposed to be making offers?

    Good luck to you too!
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    ER will notify about 3rd interviews last week of Jan or early Feb.
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    Keep us posted and good luck!
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    Has anyone heard from L&D?
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    Quote from yoganurs
    Has anyone heard from L&D?
    Not yet. That's good news because it is my understanding that for the second interview they narrowed it down to 5 people with 4 positions. So I'm assuming only one of us won't be going to the last interview
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    Maybe it will be Monday when they call that is what happened last time. They said Friday but called Monday.
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    That is good information tg982! This process has been a bit nerve wrecking. Well, I hope we both get the job! So would you say it is safe to guess that if we receive a call (Monday like last time or today) then it means we might have the position?
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    Yeah that's what I was thinking.
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    Interview number two on Wed! Anyone had theirs yet? If so, what was it like and any tips??
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    Billh5000- congrats! My second interview is on Tuesday. Did they tell you for what department? Does anyone remember how many spots are open for the med surg/tele units?

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