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Hello everyone! I was looking at National University's BSN program in San Diego, and I was wondering if anyone here had any information about it. The website is very vague. -What are the... Read More

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    Hi Maiday,

    I have one more question. While you were in nursing school, did you go to school to be a CNA simultaneously? I am highky considering doing what you did so I have my foot in the door. Was it difficult working while in school? I've heard it's best not to work because nursing school is so demanding...

    Again, thank you for all of your help! You've been awesome!!!
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    Hi brae82,

    I know this is late, but I just saw this post... or possibly I forgot to respond, not sure which one. Anyway, Yes I worked as a CNA while in nursing school. However, I worked per diem which in my hospital meant I chose my schedule, I just had to work 4 shifts a month. That is totally doable. Also, I could cancel my shift and reschedule as long as it was 24 hours before the shift started (or something like that). I would not recommend full time CNA or even part-time CNA simply because usually even part time is 2 days a week and it's not really flexible. You are part of a unit and you need to be a team player. I was just float so I filled in wherever.

    Good luck!

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