NEED ADVICE!!!!!!!! California to Utah....

  1. I ma currently attending a nursing program here in California & graduating this December. Once I am done & fisnished with school, my husband & I are planning to move to SLC, Utah. Pretty sure, this is where we will live, and raise our family, and I plan to work there....where should I take boards??? Do I take them here in california & have them endorsed to utah, or just take boards in Utah??? What is going to be my best route????????
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  3. by   perioddrama
    Boards is a two-step process. First is application the state board you want your license to be in, in this case, Utah State Boards. Get all those forms and fingerprinting done and send the forms (and money) to Utah. The second part is the actual taking the NCLEX test via Pearson vue. You can take that NCLEX test in CA or Utah. It's up to you when you feel ready to take the test and when you are moving.

    Since you are settling in to Utah, you do not need to endorse to Utah. Just take the test (in CA or Utah) and get your paperwork to the Utah State Boards.

    Study hard and pass that test!
  4. by   LadyinScrubs
    The question is where do you want to work first? Cali or Utah. As far as moving out of Cali for Utah--I understand your decision. I went up to SLC to do some genealogy work for our family tree and was very afraid that being a non Mormon would be a problem. I loved Utah. Beautfull place, housing costs good, and it is a slower life than in Cali. I have family who live out in Toole and have been there for years and just love their decision to move from Cali to Utah. Good luck to you and enjoy.
  5. by   burks0916
    I'm probably not going to work in Cali...I just want to know if I get my license in utah first will that hurt me in coming back to California if I ever decide to come if I get my license in utah FIRST, and we dont like it (which I really dont see happening) would I be able to get my license in california without having to retake teh NCLEX????
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Once you pass NCLEX, you never have to retake it.

    If you end up disliking Utah, simply apply for a California license by endorsement when you plan to move back.