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nclex pn results

  1. 0 Hi all!! Took my nclex pn on July 1!!!... got a good pop up .waiting for results in black and white, California doesn't do quick results....has anyone taken it recently and if so how long did it take????!!! Thank you!
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    You'll probably receive the letter confirming the passing result in the mail within the next few weeks. Once you receive this letter, you mail a check or money order to the BVNPT to pay for the licensure.

    Another few weeks will elapse before the BVNPT cashes this check or money order. Once they cash it, it will be another several weeks before you receive your wallet-size license in the mail.

    In other words, be prepared to wait another four to eight weeks. The California BVNPT is notoriously slow due to budgetary constraints and they still conduct most of their business via snail mail.
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    Did you get your results ?
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    Yes i did I passed! Nclex has worked for the hole class so far! I tested July 1 results in the mail the 18th, sent my paperwork and another check for the license and still waiting for that....
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    Wow California takes so lo long ;(

    Congrats !!! I took my Nclex July 1th as well but got my results on July26th,sent my check July 28th ,let's see how long will take
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    @Jfoss did you get your license?

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