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As today was TEAS/essay day, I think it safe to say cohort 32 is pretty well established. So now that the last hoop has been jumped through, now its just a waiting game! How does everyone else... Read More

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    Zannica, I can add you but I need your full name how it appears on FB in the private message
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    I actually tried to make a private group for cohort 32 and was unable to do so. So we have a page. If you join NU Commons there is a group for Cohort 32 there as well. Maybe we can talk about it on orientation.
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    I just found out I am no longer an alternate but instead accepted!!!! I am so excited. There seems to be a problem with the group page, I made another one and hopefully Facebook will corporate this time. it is: National University Cohort 32. It is open to the public until class starts then I will close it down to private. feel free to add yourself at anytime.
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    Congratulations ReordonaSRN!!!! How was the journey? I bet it was not easy... We will probably have lots of questions after our first day of class...
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    Thanks... Good luck on Nursing School. Let me know if you have any questions...
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    Hi All,

    I'm trying to figure out if anyone is familiar with "alternate" status and what the chances of getting in are. I noticed in a few threads some people mentioned alternate status but no real detail about if they were accepted and how many alternates per cohort....any info would be very much appreciated!
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    hi I have tons of questions!!!
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    Quote from angelics2u
    hi I have tons of questions!!!
    What are your questions?