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  1. Please help.

    I've seen so many posts on National University in LA and San Diego but nothing for the Fresno, CA campus. I am considering the ABSN.

    Does anyone have any information they can tell me? Your own personal stories or from people you know. It doesn't have to be about the ABSN program, I'm just looking for information.

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   queen2bee
    hi, i go to NU in Fresno but im going for the generic entry for the BSN program. i enjoy going to the school i been there almost a year now and have had no problems. i love the fact that there is no waiting list to get into the program and the faculty and admissions advisors are really helpful. i recommend that you give them a call or visit their website at you will find a lot of helpful information.
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  5. by   StacyMarie982
    Hello there,

    I too, thought it was a shortened ABSN program. It is not. It is the same as their regular entry BSN program that uses a merit based system to select their candidates. I'm on the fence about applying here as I would HAVE to take their biomedical stats course, at a cost of $2000 over the summer to be eligible to apply at their July deadline. Also, you can only apply to their program regardless of campus location a maximum of three times. So, this is a tough pill to swallow for me: spend $2000 on a course that I do not need for any other program, with only a slim chance of getting in, with only three chances of getting in. I'm also having a hard time with not being able to locate any statistical information regarding past cohorts: how many applicants vs how many seats, pass rates, retention rates, etc.

    Not sure if this helps you out at all, but it is what I'm currently grappling with.