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I just took the TEAS test for National University, about 2 weeks ago. Now I'm waiting to find out if I got in or not. Has anyone else applied to National University in Fresno, CA and if so have you heard anything yet. The waiting... Read More

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    Can I ask what grade you earned in NSG 322?? I am registered to take that next month but I'm having a hard time justifying if it is worth it or not? Will I get in after making this month long $2000 commitment? I have a 3.5 science GPA; 3.4 earned in my BA; 79% on my first and only attempt at the TEAS V. Do you know if there is any kind of statistical worksheet available for the last round of acceptance vs. rejected.... pass rates, retention rates etc??

    Thanks for your help!

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    Im applying for the July admissions too, Ive got one class left (BST322) which I started yesterday. How was that class for you? Im taking it with steven friedland and it seems fairly tough. Ive got all A's in my science classes and Im worried this ones going to screw up my gpa lol

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    Hi there! I was wonderding if anyone on here took the TEAS and essay today???
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    Quote from Ms.B
    Hi there! I was wonderding if anyone on here took the TEAS and essay today???
    Hey! I took it yesterday...Where you there too then? How'd you do? I've got an 80 on the teas, but I'm worried about that proctored essay!
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    Yes I was there on Wednesday! I got a 78% and also not sure on the essay. I've just been trying to figure out what range for our TEAS score we need to be in... Good Luck!!
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    I took the TEAS and essay on Thursday too! Got a 92 on the TEAS, and I feel like I did well on the essay, so can't wait til we hear!!
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    There really is no magic number for the TEAS, it really depends on how you did in your math and science classes and how you do on your essay, then totaling all that together. PM and I would be happy to help you figure out your point total leading up to the essay!
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    Well kymerm you will for sure be getting in! I just took the teas on the 2nd and I got an 87. I hate the waiting!!! I feel like I did well on the essay too but only time will tell I suppose.
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    so I haven't made enough public comments on the site for it to allow me to PM you back! Are you on the NU Commons site through FB? I have several threads there you could find me through, but I did reply with your possible totals (assuming scores on the essay) and it looks like you should get in no problem!
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    just got my acceptance letter today for Fresno, Fall cohort! Anyone else get theirs?
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