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I just took the TEAS test for National University, about 2 weeks ago. Now I'm waiting to find out if I got in or not. Has anyone else applied to National University in Fresno, CA and if so have you heard anything yet. The waiting... Read More

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    I'm interested in learning about the class schedules and if they're consecutive days with clinicals. I like the whole 3pm-3am as I've worked night shift in the past. So attending clinicals during that time isn't bad either. Any information about the program would be helpful. For the ABSN is 22 months?

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    Quote from Nanann220
    CONGRATULATIONS to all of you that have been accepted! I am hoping to get into the May 2010 cohort at the Fresno campus. I was hoping that you guys could share some of your TEAS scores and possibly give me a few hints on what types of questions I should expect on the TEAS. If you could pm me that would be great unfortunately I do not have 15 posts yet so I cant pm you. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Again CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting!
    Hi Nanann220,
    Are you attending National University in Fresno? I'm actually going there right now finishing my pre-req. Did you get any info on the TEAS? Were you able to get in the May 2010 cohort?
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    Is anyone taking some pre-reqs right now? Can somebody tell me if the TEAS test was super hard and what was the topic of the essay?
    Is it true that we would not be able to work at all once we get into the nursing program?
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    Hi emichan,
    I am hoping to get into the May 2010 program I will find out the end of January, I think. I still have to take my TEAS test and essay. I have not really found any info on the TEAS or the essay I just have went through some other posts and looked at what others have said about it. I will let you know how it is when i take it. I took ILR260 online through National this last nov-dec it was my last required class. Hope things go well for you. Take care!
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    Hi Nanann220,

    How exciting!!! Good luck with everything. I'll be done with my pre-reqs in May. I'm freaked out about the TEAS test and essay. Yah, let me know how it went. Any info would be great. Have you taken NSG 322 Intro to Biomedical Stats? I have to take it online and I don't understand how they can teach that online. I also have to take a PSY class...I have taken it at FCC but it didn't transfer. SUCKS!!!
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    I am sooooo nervous about the TEAS and essay too! I have been trying to get people that have already taken it to clue me in but havent gotten too many responses, there are a few hints in some of the older posts but you have to read a lot of stuff to find it. I took Math 11 at FCC so i didnt have to take Biomedical Stats, i was lucky. Good luck with the rest of your pre-reqs your almost there!!!
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    Does anybody know the time frame of the program if you have your prerequisites (minus the nursing courses) done?
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    I believe that the program is 22 months.
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    Hi all,
    For those of you that are already in the nursing program at National University Fresno Campus I was just wondering how it was going for you? Are you enjoying the classes so far? What is your typical sched. like?
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    Thank You Nanann. The time frame isn't bad. Does anybody know when the next cohart start after the January class? If I decide on NU-Fresno then I'm looking at starting after May.

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