MSN Pathway Program @ CSUDH

  1. 0 Hi everyone....I recently got accepted into the MSN Pathway program at Cal State Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). I have an ADN & BS in another field. My role option is family nurse practitioner (FNP). Classes will start in August. I'm starting this thread to share experiences, comments, & form a support group for those in the same position. Please share your experiences. Thanks😄
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    Its a very demanding program and you need to have dedication to get good grades. FNP role option is tough to get accepted t to. good luck
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    @RNHURT, thanks! It's going to be a tough road ahead of me but also looking fwd to the challenge. Are you a former or current nursing student at CSUDH?
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    I am current student in masters program. Instructors are very helpful and it requires good coordination in group works if you are enrolled in online class. You should also think about different role options in masters program too as to what if you don't get accepted for fnp. Just a plan B. How many years of clinical experience you have.
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    @RNHURT, thanks for the advice. I did get conditionally accepted into the FNP program. We have the FNP orientation in Aug. I know I still need to submit the portfolio to be formally accepted. Is it difficult to get the formal acceptance? Which role option are you pursuing?
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    Would love to hear more about the program from anybody in it or applying to it. I'm have a BS degree in Psychology and will have my RN in May. This seems like a great option.
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    Anyone taken adv patho at csudh? feedback appreciated!
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    Any current MSN student for 2014

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