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I have been accepted to Merritt College ADN for fall 2012. Any others that have been accepted as well?... Read More

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    the summer program is great for several reasons:
    1. discipline: for those who need that push to work/read when you have the propensity to slack on your own.
    2. critical thinking: you will be tested in the style that you will see on every exam in the nursing program and some questions thrown in there are from material you didn’t read. this starts the development of your critical thinking skills, which are critical for success in this program.
    3. taste of the adn program: you will be taught by a professor you will see as you continue on in the program, so this experience can help with learning a little about the program and what is expected from you.
    4. study group: the people you see in this class will likely be part of your study group, which is good to have before the semester starts in the fall.
    5. readiness for fundamentals: having done something shows readiness this will be funny to you once you get tested on nursing dx.
    if you are unable to take the class: - - follow chris sn's advice - - read the book, do the chapter tests in book and on the evolve website, find fundamentals nclex style questions online, get the prentice hall reviews and rationale books for fundamentals and fluid & electrolytes, also lippincott has a good app for nclex questions (search app store for taylor’s fundamentals).
    don’t overwhelm yourself during the summer there will be plenty of that come fall. :spin:
    congrats to making it in and see you all at the orientation! j

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    Hi heartdrop,

    Thank you so much for your input. I honestly would have not thought twice to take this summer class, any extra help that is provided is great. I will definitely follow Chris and your suggestions as I am sure I dont wanna be below the 75%!
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    Any thoughts after orientation?
    I am excited and scared at the same time!
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    Hey! I feel much better now after the orientation. So many bad comments was giving me hiccups, but I am happy now. How about you? We can exchange email/phone for the future
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    Hey Chris, thanks for coming and helping all of us! I kinda recognized you (the only guy hehe), I was in the front row. A long orientation, but the students comments were the most important part of it.
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    thanks for being so informative Chris!

    Were you guys offered the book bundle last year too? I'd probably have to get it before starting the Nursing Success in the summer
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    we were offered the bundle. I selected to buy my books through amazon though I think it came out cheaper and that way you only have to pay for the books you will use this semester. We will also be holding a raffle for used books and uniforms during the first few weeks of school where you can get extra material for very cheap.
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    I too purchased my books through amazon and saved a lot of money doing so. And the bundle doesn't include the recommended books.
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    Did the text books you bought through Amazon include the electronic version?
    I bough a used Fundamentals review and rational book and the nursing notes were missing. Are those really helpful?
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    I have the Med-surg ebook and I don't like it much. We didn't have the option for ebooks, however our class as a general consensus prefers actual text books.

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