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  1. by   DisneyDreamer
    Did the text books you bought through Amazon include the electronic version?
    I bough a used Fundamentals review and rational book and the nursing notes were missing. Are those really helpful?
  2. by   heartdrop
    I have the Med-surg ebook and I don't like it much. We didn't have the option for ebooks, however our class as a general consensus prefers actual text books.
  3. by   heartdrop
    Nursing Notes can be useful.
    the second page wouldn't scan clearly but it goes over Tier 1 & 2 of the CDC Precautions.
  4. by   DisneyDreamer
    The instructors told us that we don't wear scrubs. What uniform do you use?
  5. by   heartdrop
    Our uniforms are from Dove. They come in zippered or button form, we will have some uniforms at the raffle as well.
  6. by   jon510
    Quote from Chris SN

    6. The fundementals book you will likely be using the Perry and Potters. The Chapters we covered was: (1,2,3,9,13,14,16,17,18,19,20,21,24,25,26,27,28,29 ,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,4 6,47,48,50)
    hi chris
    first of all i cant thank you enough for everything you've done. its really nice of you to do all this for us thank you! now when you said the fundamentals class covered these chapters only, does that mean that we dont have to read the other chapters on the book? will we be tested only on the chapters covered? i just got mines today (8th ed) and im usually pretty good at reading and studying but all 1296 pages over the summer plus planning to take the summer class and preparing for testing out of ddc test along with the other things to do before deadline will be extremely hard(maybe one reasons why some students dont show up the first day )
  7. by   Chribri
    These are the chapters we covered and were tested on. I cannot speak for your class personally because changes are always possible. If you take the summer course your primary reading will be from this same book so they should not interfere with eachother. Also this work load is typical of the entire program. The reading list I gave you is largely from tge first 9 weeks and you should expect similar amounts of reading in each 10 week semester throughout the program.
  8. by   heartdrop
    we used the 7th edition and the book that you guys have is the 8th edition make sure the chapters line up.
  9. by   jon510
    good point heartdrop! i checked the 7th edition and some of the chapters were different from 8th edition starting from chapters 27 until 38(some were just switched around). i guess its best not to read too far ahead
  10. by   heartdrop
    So this was from our reading list/schedule. I dont have the exact titles of the chapters because I no longer have the Fundamentals book, however this will most likely be what you will cover as well.

    -The Client & Healthcare envronment
    -Critical Thinking in Nursing
    -Urinary & Bowel Elimination
    -Skin Integrity/Wound Care/Infection Control & Prevention
    -The Nursing Process
    -Vital Signs
    -Health Assessment & Physical Examination
    -Psychosocial basis
    -Fluids and Electrolytes & Acid-Base Balance
    -Documentation & Informatics
    -Alternative Therapies
    -Medication Administration
    -Professional Standards of care
    -Perioperative Care
    - Safety and Pain
    -Caring through the lifespan
    -Culture and Ethnicity
    -Code Blue/Emergency Preparedness
    -Caring for the Unconscious client
    - Diabetes (from the Med-Surg text ch. 41)
  11. by   DisneyDreamer
    Is this the list for the first 2 weeks? If so, should
    I get the med-surg book now also?
  12. by   Chribri
    No these are the lecture topics for first semester. I would wait on med surg book until after you take first 3 exams. Diabetes was covered in the last week
  13. by   heartdrop
    the 18 chapters covered for our first test were:

    -the client & healthcare envronment
    -critical thinking in nursing
    -urinary & bowel elimination
    -skin integrity/wound care/infection control & prevention
    -the nursing process

    but as mentioned before there is a possibility that this could be changed up. we didn't get our schedule of topics until about two weeks before class started and our reading list was distributed on the first day of class. so hopefully this is giving you a point of reference of what you'll be assigned but not necessarily in that order, and better yet get over the shock of an 18 chapter first test in the first two weeks of school.