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I have been accepted to Merritt College ADN for fall 2012. Any others that have been accepted as well?... Read More

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    Good to know Chris SN. Thanks for the information.

    Disney Dreamer, we should form a study group to get a head start on "boot camp!!"

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    I agree! I'm all for getting a study group together! Where do you live?
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    San And my availability is open. I tried to private message you to exchange info but it wont let me do it.
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    I live in Richmond but I'm sure we can work something out.
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    I have also been accepted to the Fall 2012 ADN program at Merritt College. Like the rest of you, I am also a little put off by the negative comments on some of the forums here.

    Chris SN: You rock! Thank you so much for listing the chapters that are covered in Fundamentals of Nursing. I will study them over the summer.

    Everybody else: Study groups are probably the way to go for the first 9 weeks (besides individual study). I look forward to meeting you all at orientation soon!
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    Hi, I was also accepted to Merritt College ADN program for Fall 2012. Would love to put together a study group! I live in Berkeley, by the way. Let me know if you're interested!
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    I'm interested cabbit. Anyone else?
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    I work all weekend (sat 6am - sun 4pm), but I'm definitely willing to join a study group.
    Since we most likely won't be able to depend on the instructors for help/support It'll be great if we could all meet up at least once a week and go over what we've studied and the material we're having trouble with.
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    Hello fellow admits,

    I've also been accepted into the program for the fall. Like others, I'm wary of the negative comments. I'm going to make another trip to the campus, talk to some key people, and read everything that I can about the program, the professors, and so forth. In all likelihood, I'll accept the offer. The alternative would be to re-apply to lottery based schools for spring/fall, 2013. I am also on the wait list at Napa Valley College, Cabrillo College, and Santa Barbara City College (with probably at least another year on each list).

    I'm all for getting a head start by getting a study group going. We're all going to need as much support as we can get, most of which will have to come from ourselves and our fellow students.

    Congratulations to all the admits. In 2 years from now, we'll be getting pinned !
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    I also got accepted into Merritt this Fall. I'm from San Jose. Is anyone want to carpool and join a study group?

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