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I have been accepted to Merritt College ADN for fall 2012. Any others that have been accepted as well?... Read More

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    Question. When do we get a schedule? So far, all I know is where to go on Monday. What about the rest of the week?

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    Hi DisneyDreamer! We should be getting it the first day since it doesn't say much on the schedule we received when registering for classes. Lets just hope haha
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    I hate to be a buzz kill. I'm a '12 grad too. Yes Merritt grads are much more competent that others hands down, but the reality is the majority do not make it. By all means start fundamentals, but have a back up plan, continue to apply into other programs during the 1st year.

    Hi E, congrats on the masters program!
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    Has anyone received an email from the program yet?
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    Ya I did. Don't forget to print out the acknowledgement and bring it to class. For those that took the drug dosage test, we're you guys allowed to use calculators? Was it multiple choice?
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    Where is the acknowledgement? I don't see the new handbook yet.
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    ya its still 2011. the acknowledgement is on the last page of the handbook
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    No calculators on the drug dosage exam but you won't really need them. The computation on each problem is not very difficult what they are testing you on is your ability to follow the correct steps and do the correct conversion. You are required to demonstrate your work and some questions even specify which method to use in solving the problems so be familiar with:

    1. Both the ratio-proportion method and the D/H*Q Formula for calculating dosage.
    2. The formula for calculating drip rate and not just the shortcut method.
    3. How to calculate a catch up rate if fluid volume is behind schedule.
    4. CONVERSIONS. Not just metric to metric, but know teaspoon, table-spoon, and cups to metric. Know grains to grams. Definitely know pounds to kilograms, half of your problems will start with these steps.
    5. How to read a medication label and a medication order.

    Good luck tomorrow.
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    Yay! I passed!
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    Me too thanks Chris. You were right we didn't really need calculators. It just sucks how I don't have Wednesday off cuz of the skills lab. Wish I could switch to the Monday and Tuesday 1s

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