Mercy Medical in Redding New Grad - page 7

Hi new grads! Just wondering if anyone else applied to Mercy Medical Center in Redding's new grad program. My application got sent to the manager... My fingers are crossed!... Read More

  1. by   msmith2103
    So anxious to hear something. I loved loved loved the leaders I interviewed with. I also really appreciated the small town feel in the hospital. I was so impressed, they absolutely changed my preconceived thoughts about a hospital in a small town. I could absolutely positively see myself there! Hopefully we hear soon! Good luck everyone!
  2. by   states
    I got called today but I declined my offer. One more spot for yall!! good luck guys...
  3. by   Mashimuro
    I got a call for the job offer Best of luck to those who are still waiting to hear!
  4. by   msmith2103
    I got an offer too! So excited! I haven't gotten my offer letter emailed to me nor the background check. Anyone else not receive these items yet?
  5. by   jbrook21
    I got my offer letter emailed to me. From my understanding the background check doesn't get sent until you return the offer letter and then it takes 3-5 days to process the background check. Anyone know different?
  6. by   fiRN
    Woo! For all of us with offers, congrats! Now who knows where to live in Redding? Good/bad areas etc?
  7. by   msmith2103
    Can't wait to meet everyone!!! anyone else having trouble completing the additional information portion on the dignity health website. I keep getting a message that says a system error occurred!
  8. by   jbrook21
    The email with the link for the additional info says that the error will apppear but your information was still received so no need to worry about it.
  9. by   san22
    For those who received an offer early, how long did it take to complete the background check and schedule your physical? Congrats everyone! Can't wait to meet you all in July
  10. by   fiRN
    I didn't get an email asking for additional this separate from the link to the background check?
  11. by   jbrook21
    Did anyone from Sacramento accept an offer? If so, are you moving or commuting?
  12. by   jt47382
    Does anyone have insight to the interview? and questions to focus on?